iYouth Ministries

Director: Donnelle Johnson
Facilited and directed the camp since 2001. Currently a worship leader at Parker Christian Center in Parker, Colorado, USA

Speaker: Paul Traver
Missionaries to U.S. Military personnel stationed in Europe through the Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM).

Speaker: Donnetta Hunter
Associate Pastor at Woodward Assembly of God
Woodward, Oklahoma, USA
over 30 years of youth ministry



iYouth camp was formed in 2001 by Missionary Chad Phillips to to minister and encourage international/crosscultural teens of Europe. Many teens have found this camp to be a pivotal experience in their Christian development.  Many of them are missionary kids, military kids and expat kids.  Some come from countries where they do not have an active youth group.  It is a week where the students are able to get away with God, grow in their walk with Him, and meet other Christian youth with similar backgrounds.
Since 2001 the camp has been hosted in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium & Hungary.

Young people come from over thirteen European and African nations for this camp.  They have an amazing hunger for God to move in their lives!  At the camp, many young people have given their lives to Christ. Additionally, missionary & military kids find encouragement and renewal in their souls.
Europe is a continent far from God and has a desperate need for a move of God! This camp has provided many opportunities for youth to connect with God and go deeper with Him.
We have always had a heart for missionary & military kids. This camp is a wonderful opportunity to encourage and invest in the youth. Consequently, we hope to bless and support their parents as well.

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International Youth Camp
International youth are sometimes isolated. These teens are uprooted from familiar settings and replanted in a foreign country with language, culture and customs they don't understand.
At iYouth Ministries, we believe that there is a great need to be available for these young people, to build meaningful relationships with them. We believe that one of the best ways to help international youth is to affirm them and be available to celebrate life with them. iYouth counselors seek to love teens unconditionally and provide a model of Christian hope.

Follow-up wth these teens is fostered through an online app called YouVersion which allows counselors and youth pastors to read through the bible with the teens. It is a forum that allows the youth and youth pastors & connselors to answer and discuss life questions and challenges.